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Looking for answers about our services or marine construction in general? Browse through our FAQ section below to find the information you need.

To construct or modify a dock within the critical area of our marshes, you will need a permit from OCRM (Ocean & Coastal Resource Management), a division of SC DHEC. Additionally, a survey showing the proposed structure, conducted by a licensed SC surveyor, engineer, or landscape architect, is required. In certain areas, joint permits with OCRM and the Army Corps of Engineers may be necessary. At American Dock and Marine, we work closely with state and federal agencies as well as multiple surveyors to ensure compliance with permit regulations and facilitate the application process. An as-built survey must also be submitted before the construction placard expires.

The size of the structure is determined by the creek width, measured from marsh to marsh vegetation on each side. The longest dock permitted can extend up to 1,000 feet. In some cases, larger dock structures exceeding 600 square feet may be allowed based on specific criteria, including extended property lines and offsets. We can help you assess what you can build within the regulations.

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